The Brief
Develop equities that can help individuals adapt to life in this hypothetical future scenario: Mars has just been announced as the host of the 2032 Olympics. Design a range of visual material to accompany the games.
The Goal
Our goal for this project was to design for the audience and tourist. We wanted to get consumers excited for an otherworldly experience, and maintain an Olympics-style branding using clean, straightforward symbols and vector drawings. Furthermore, we imagined a language barrier for this project and chose to create a ‘Martian language’ to use alongside English, exploring aspects of designing for multiple languages.
“Mars 2032” is a branding system designed by Amber Ko, Ruby Pang, and Jessica Li. In this imaginary future scenario, we rose to the task of designing an identity for the 2032 Olympics, taking place on Mars. Through extensive research of existing Olympic branding, we designed an alien language, logo, brochure, and brand standards guide for the upcoming outer space event.
Each element in this logo has a meaning: the large orange circle represents Mars. The crescent-shaped heads of the two figures symbolize the two moons of Mars, while also standing in for the fellowship between athletes from both Earth and Mars as the 2032 Olympics take place. The orange symbols superimposed over the tagline say "Mars 2032" in our designed alien language.
An animated version of the Mars 2032 logo, intended for TV transitions and other digital media.
The cover of the Graphic Standards Manual features all of the planets in the Milky Way, represented by the grey circles. The smaller white circles stand in for each of their moons. The red and blue circles, respectively, symbolize Mars and Earth.
A small setup for our branding pitch. Materials include stickers, event brochures, and our graphic standards guide.
A closer look at our sticker designs.
Interior spreads of the graphic standards guide, featuring stationery, typographic guidelines, and logo use on machines such as vehicles and aircraft.
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