Our team was allotted six visits to a care home, and we were paired with a small group of residents to co-create a publication recollecting their personal experiences.
This publication was based in two major tasks: the first task was to design a series of three creative activities to build a relationship with residents and generate content for the co-designed publication. The second major task was to develop prototype publications for residents to provide feedback on, then create a number of risograph-printed editions to share with residents and care home staff.
The cover of Intersections. Each resident's story begins on an opposite side of the publication.
One of the major issues we had was that one of our residents stopped participating in the program shortly after our activities began, and we knew little about his experiences. We chose to include his story as a postcard, tied into the publications with a contrasting thread.
Lois-Anne's story.
Steve's story.
Barry's postcard, and the intersection of our lives.
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