“Con·sent is...” is an end-user informed social campaign created with the intent to make the updated Emily Carr University of Art and Design Sexual Misconduct Policy more accessible and understandable to students. This installation was designed by Ruby Pang, Jone Ko, and Ruth Weng with simplicity, and learning in mind. Through firsthand research, prototyping, and iterative designing, this campaign strives to create discussion around this serious topic through audience engagement and teach through a variety of learning styles.
In order to be able to understand the work that needed to be done, we defined the task for ourselves first. 
We spent a majority of our time researching the best possible solution to our design challenge, including in-person interviews with the students, client review sessions, and online student surveys.
Our final installation proposal. Meant to be installed in the most high-traffic area of the school, the Exhibition Commons. This installation consists of a large blue wall, covered by a sheet of bookmarks with the title "Consent Is...". As each user physically interacts with the space and removes a bookmark from the wall, the statement is completed.
A mockup of our bookmarks. We chose to create bookmarks as a physical take-away from our installation, allowing participants to see and have a repeated reminder of the content of our project. As these bookmarks are placed in textbooks and sketchbooks among the student body, our message is constantly repeated and resources are made accessible.
Bookmark designs. Due to the emotional weight and amount of information we needed to share, we decided it we necessary to split our bookmarks into two designs: one defines the problem surrounding sexual consent, while the other defines what sexual consent is. Both designs retain the same question mark on the opposite side to remain in line with the installation.
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